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Plot to assassinate Jacob Zuma?

by Zahid Jadwat

Allegations of a plot by booted MK Party founder Jabulani Khumalo to assassinate Jacob Zuma have surfaced. [Picture: News24/Siyamtanda Capa]


A whopping R1 million price tag on Jacob Zuma’s life. That is according to investigative journalist Modibe Vladimir Modiba, who broke the allegation on Thursday.

The former president, and current face of the uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP), was recently accused of purging opponents from the newly-formed party. This included the expulsion of founder Jabulani Khumalo.

Attributing the news to an unnamed member of the party’s National Interim Core, Modiba reported on X that Khumalo allegedly met a certain ‘Nyathi’. The hitman was to get the job done when Zuma appeared in court.

“Nyathi was paid R500k by Jabulani Khumalo and the other R500k once the job is done. A current member of the MK National Interim Core was in Jabulani Khumalo’s car whilst he was having the meeting with the hitman & is SPILLING THE BEANS,” he wrote on the platform.

Details, such as when, where and how, were not shared by the presenter of The Insight Factor show.



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The allegation comes as the party’s internal contestations heat up ahead of the May 29th elections. The MK Party is poised to make significant inroads in KwaZulu-Natal, where the African National Congress (ANC) faces dwindling support.

Khumalo, who registered the party and brought Zuma on board in December, was expelled last month alongside several others. At the time, the party said its leadership expelled them “in light of the attempts by external forces to destabilise the MK Party”.

On Sunday, Khumalo wrote to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) asking it to “urgently remove” Zuma from the MKP’s candidate list. Zuma was appeared first on the list. The Commission subsequently confirmed Zuma was the registered leader of the party.

On Thursday, however, Khumalo accused Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Dudu Zuma-Sambudla, of forging a resignation letter in his name. He claimed Zuma Sr unilaterally and unlawfully kicked him out of the party he helped create.

This was contained in an affidavit ahead of the Constitutional Court hearing of the IEC’s challenge of the Electoral Court’s decision that Zuma should be allowed to make a bid to return to Parliament, despite his criminal conviction for contempt of court.

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