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ATM to Challenge IEC in Court Over Election Discrepancies

by Thaabit Kamaar


Johannesburg – The African Transformation Movement (ATM), a relatively new political party, is set to challenge the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) in electoral court, citing serious irregularities in the country’s recent election results. ATM spokesperson Zama Ntshona stated that they will demand a recount of last week’s election votes and the nullification of the results announced on Sunday.

The ATM, along with several other political parties, has lodged approximately 579 objections with the IEC over discrepancies observed during the election process. Reports indicate these complaints were filed before the final results were finalised.

According to Ntshona, the IEC prematurely announced the results despite political parties calling for a delay to allow for thorough consideration of all objections. He claimed significant discrepancies were between the votes counted at polling stations and the recorded votes in the official system, amongst others.

Additionally, Ntshona asserted that some result slips lacked the necessary signatures from political party representatives, raising concerns about their validity. He also alleged that presiding officers had produced new, potentially fraudulent slips without the required signatures.

“This matter must be taken as a matter of national importance and national security. We must keep everything, and everyone calm and everybody, to a certain extent, happy based on evidence. If we can do that, then everything will be okay. This is a matter that should not be taken lightly.”

ATM Taking Legal Action

Despite these serious allegations, the IEC has proceeded with announcing the results, prompting the ATM to seek legal recourse. Ntshona stated that the party has substantial evidence to support its claims, including discrepancies in vote counts and unsigned result slips.

Ntshona emphasised that the electoral court needs to prioritise this matter to prevent potential instability in the country and ensure that the election process remains transparent and fair. He noted that the integrity of the election must be upheld, and the IEC must maintain its neutrality.

If the electoral court dismisses their case despite the presented evidence, the ATM is prepared to escalate the matter to higher courts, including the Constitutional Court. This potential action carries significant implications, stressing the gravity of the situation.

“We have the Constitutional Court if the elections court seems to want to close its eyes to the clear evidence that is in front of us and that has been supported and submitted by different political parties. Then, we have no other option but to take it to a higher court, all the way to the Constitutional Court. This matter must be heard, this matter must be ventilated, this matter must be addressed.”

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