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Durban Community Outraged as Murder Accused Grayson Beare Appears in Court

by Thaabit Kamaar
Image Source: News24

Durban – On Tuesday, Grayson Beare, accused of murder, appeared in the Durban Magistrate High Court in connection with the tragic killing of Halima Hoosen-Preston, a beloved mother and wife. The court proceedings were adjourned until June 10-11 to allow time for a formal bail application and a mental assessment.

This tragic incident, where Halima was fatally stabbed and her husband and son were critically injured, has incited significant outrage within the Durban community.

Protesters gathered outside the court in support of the victim’s family, demanding justice for this heinous crime. Activists have labelled the incident a hate crime driven by racism and Zionism.

Seen Reporter Nabeelah Shaikh, on the scene, stated that the entire community is shocked and angered by the events. Those gathered today vowed to attend all subsequent hearings to ensure justice is served and to prevent such a crime from happening again.

“This has obviously rocked the community. When we think of South Africa, the constitution and what we stand for as a country, you’d never expect a hate crime to take place like this right on our doorsteps. So for this to happen in a close community like Durban, I think everyone is quite shocked, and they’re quite disturbed.”

Regarding the accused, it is reported that Grayson’s family has condemned his actions and distanced themselves from him, choosing not to offer assistance. They have extended their condolences to the victim’s family, loved ones, and the community, along with heartfelt prayers for the recovery of those who were injured.

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Zionists Instigate Violence Against Palestinian Supporters

It is believed that Halima was killed due to her family’s pro-Palestinian stance. In a viral video, Grayson, shackled and questioned after committing the crime, is heard saying that he has relatives in Israel, implying that the ongoing genocide influenced his actions.

Alie Komape from Africa4Palestine stated that such heinous, devastating, and senseless acts of violence by Zionists and Israel supporters against Palestinian supporters are part of a broader pattern of global attacks.

Recalling an incident he witnessed, Komape mentioned that during a Palestinian demonstration at the United States Consulate in Sandton, he saw a group claiming to be from the IDF trying to provoke peaceful protesters into a violent confrontation. Such attempts to disrupt peaceful protests have also occurred in other parts of the country.

“This is not an isolated incident, unfortunately. Even globally, we are seeing Palestinian supporters being attacked and others losing their lives. We’ve seen this in Europe and we’ve seen this in the United States. Zionists, in their nature, are aggressive, and in their nature, they are violent. Simply because of the regime they support. A violent and genocidal regime, so it’s not surprising.”

Since the start of Israel’s invasion and ethnic cleansing of Gaza, Palestinian protesters have taken to the streets in all major cities worldwide. They have faced attacks, threats, and harassment and have been subjected to racial slurs.

Komape suggested that such actions are standard procedures when dealing with Zionists, who use the threat of violence to deter people from protesting for a just and lawful cause.

To those who advocate for Palestine and Palestinians daily, he urges them not to be fearful. Despite the threats and use of force, they should not be deterred or give in to these demands.

“This desperate attempt is to try to silence pro-Palestinian voices in our country. It is to try and muddy the efforts of our peaceful and objective campaigns for Palestine. [They try] to overshadow our campaigns with violence, but we will not cave. We will not cower in silence when we are confronted with Zionists… This gives us more confidence and motivation to continue our campaign for a free Palestine.”

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