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Local Artist Aishah Kathrada Combines Art and Activism in Upcoming Exhibition for Gaza

by Thaabit Kamaar
Image Source: The Citizen

Durban – “Art is a fantastic expression of a non-violent way to express your opinions,” Naseem Kathrada shared with Salaamedia while discussing the upcoming Art for Justice Exhibition.

The exhibition will be the first solo showcase of local artist Aishah Kathrada, who will display a collection of her artworks highlighting and focusing on the Palestinian people’s plight, struggles, and resilience. Event spokesperson Naseem stated that the Art for Justice Exhibition was born out of a collective feeling of helplessness in the face of the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Many of us have felt the need to contribute to the Palestinian cause, whether through online advocacy, discussions, various demonstrations, and fundraisers. However, most of us lack the means to provide direct assistance to the Palestinians.

This exhibition offers a unique and impactful way to make a difference and show solidarity with the Palestinian people by combining the power of art with the spirit of activism.

“The artist approached me about two months ago. With all that’s been going on in Gaza, many of us have felt helpless in terms of what we can do for them. People have been sending money, and people have been going across, but not everybody has the ability or the wherewithal to get across and provide direct assistance. Each of us needs to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people in different ways.”

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What Can We Expect from the Art Exhibit?

Aishah is a passionate artist who has created approximately 30 to 40 pieces for the exhibit. Her work not only celebrates Palestinian culture but also speaks to the realities of being occupied and oppressed for over 75 years.

The artwork includes a collection of traditional oil and watercolour paintings, digital art prints, and personalized items.

Aishah, with her heart poured into her art, is putting the final touches on her pieces for the exhibit. Her dedication to the cause is truly inspiring, as she is not only creating beautiful art but also contributing to a meaningful cause.

Visitors, activists, and art enthusiasts will enjoy cultural enrichment and contribute to a meaningful cause. Naseem expressed that the proceeds from the sales of the art pieces will be donated entirely to Gaza, making it a humanitarian effort as much as an art exhibition.

“The idea is to try and generate as much profit as possible for Gaza, so there will be some original pieces on display and for sale, but there will also be pieces for as low as R200-R250 that are accessible to pretty much anybody. The idea would be to try and attract as many people as possible to come through, see the exhibition, and show support for it.”

The Art for Justice Exhibition will be held this Saturday, June 8, at the St James Hotel at 100 Venice Road, Morningside, from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The event promises a lively family day with food stalls and entertainment.

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