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South Africa Condemns Israeli Assault on Nuseirat Refugee Camp

by Thaabit Kamaar
Image Source: The Sun

South AfricaThe South African government has strongly condemned the recent assault by Israeli occupation forces on the Nuseirat Refugee Camp. They described the coordinated land, air, and sea attack on innocent civilians in a designated safe zone as one of the most severe massacres committed by Israeli forces in Gaza.

Israeli forces killed over 270 Palestinians, including children, and injured hundreds more in an operation to rescue four hostages. The death toll is expected to rise as many people remain trapped beneath the rubble.

“We are appalled that these attacks are being praised by some for saving four Israeli hostages while killing and severely injuring hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians … This once again raises the question of whether some believe that Palestinian lives matter.”

The attack on the Nuseirat Refugee Camp occurred amid significant efforts to establish a ceasefire and secure the release of hostages and prisoners.

The government highlighted that the onslaught and killing of Palestinian civilians undermine these peace processes and raise doubts about Israel’s commitment to achieving stability in the region, as the escalating violence in the Gaza Strip threatens ongoing mediation efforts.

“The Government and people of South Africa convey its deepest condolences to the families and the victims of these callous attacks on the Nuseirat refugee camp and decry the rising death toll.”

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What More Can Be Done to Stop Israeli Attacks on Civilians?

In an interview with Salaamedia, Palestinian activist Fazeela Mahomed emphasised that supporters, activists, and political leaders have made substantial efforts, with their political support, boycotts and demonstrations, to stop Israel from killing and starving more civilians.

However, despite various orders, rulings, and threats, Israel continues to act with impunity, having killed over 37,000 people since launching their war on the Gaza Strip.

Mahomed stated that despite the Israeli military’s claims regarding civilian safety and well-being, the reality is starkly different. The lack of accountability from Western powers and Israel’s allies for the protection of innocent lives suggests that the Palestinians are not valued in the Western world.

Instead of ending the genocide in Gaza and the occupation of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, Western powers continue to arm and defend Israel, support its actions, and propagate its narratives.

Despite the apparent futility of global efforts to end the horrors endured by Palestinians in the face of colonisation and white supremacy, Mahomed urged that these efforts must not stop. She called for the international community to do more to end the targeting and suffering of Palestinians.

“We need to continue our activism because right now, there is very little else we can do. We need to make sure that we reach every corner of the world to tell people to stand up for this oppression. In South Africa, people understand oppression, so if we speak to them about Palestine, they understand what it means.”

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