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PSA Organises Protest to Demand Sanctions Against Israel

by Thaabit Kamaar


South Africa – The upcoming Red Line Against Genocide protest, organized by the Palestinian Solidarity Alliance (PSA) alongside various other organizations, including trade unions, regional groups, and human rights groups, aims to highlight the numerous crimes and atrocities recently committed by Israel against the Palestinians.

It is also intended to reaffirm South Africa’s commitment to the Palestinian cause and to hold countries, governments, and politicians complicit in the Gaza genocide accountable.

Scheduled for June 15 at the United States consulate in Sandton, the event calls for the imposition of sanctions and boycotts against Israel, its economic affiliates, and political supporters.

Naazim Adam of the PSA emphasized the importance of solidarity protests and their power to effect change. He urges everyone who cares about humanity and justice to join and participate.

“We will send a very strong message to the Palestinian people in particular, but also to the solidarity activists across the globe. They look to South Africa for our strength and our commitment because they recognize, like we do, that our history is the Palestinian reality.”

“And like Mandela said, South Africa cannot be truly free until Palestine is free. I think that applies to humanity—that we, as humanity, cannot be free until there is justice in every part of the globe. That’s what we strive for, whether it’s Palestine, Sudan, and so forth.”

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The Massacre at the Nuseirat Refugee Camp

The recent massacre at the Nuseirat Refugee Camp, where nearly 300 displaced Palestinians, including children, were killed in an operation to rescue four Israeli hostages, demonstrates that Israeli forces have no regard for Palestinian lives and are willing to use excessive force against starving Palestinians in Gaza.

This crime and tragedy, where innocent civilians were killed in a designated safe zone, is not an isolated incident but part of a broader pattern of escalated violence and aggression by Israeli soldiers. Adam stated that the Nuseirat massacre represents the peak of Israel’s ongoing genocide in the Gaza Strip.

“There is an intensification of the repression and aggression that is unfolding. It was just like this moment when we were in solidarity, and I think any person that has a heart or feeling just feels that. What do we do? How do we stop this worst that we’ve seen? It comes at a time when we commemorate June 16, and we know that the height of the apartheid repression unfolded after June 16, 1976. But it was also the end of apartheid.”

“So, this kind of heightened aggression and repression is going to lead to the end of the Israeli project, the Zionist project, and ultimately, the resistance and the resilience will bring us to a better world where Palestine is free, and its people are free to move and live where they originate.”

Though it may be difficult for many of us in solidarity with Palestine to witness these horrific scenes daily, the suffering and cries of the Palestinian people call for our support now more than ever.

He believes that with collective effort and collaboration, along with intensified global solidarity and protest action, we can ultimately achieve justice and accountability for those responsible for this genocide, as well as freedom and liberation for Palestine.

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