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Palestinian Journalist Calls Gaza ‘Hell on Earth’

by Thaabit Kamaar
Image Source: Al Jazeera

Jenin – The ethnic cleansing of Gaza has persisted for over nine months. Despite discussions of a ceasefire by global leaders and governments, there is no end in sight to the Palestinian suffering.

The reality on the ground is a daily struggle for survival for those trapped in Gaza, who endure relentless Israeli violence, bombardment, starvation, and displacement. Palestinian journalist Osama Nazzal described Gaza as “hell on earth.”

“The situation in Gaza is unbearable. No human being can stand the living conditions in Gaza because you can’t sleep as the Israeli bombs are falling over the houses, the shops, the streets, the hospitals, and the schools 24 hours a day. We saw the children, the babies crying, the women shouting, the men running, knowing nowhere to go. So, it is Hell on Earth.”

Since October, Israeli Occupation Forces have targeted every inhabited inch of the Gaza Strip, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians. Hundreds of thousands of survivors are continually displaced as Israeli violence and assaults moves from one location to another.

Children are being mutilated and starved to death. The humanitarian crisis is worsened by the inability of aid organisations to enter Gaza, as the borders are inaccessible, and Israeli attacks on humanitarian trucks and personnel thwart any attempts to distribute aid.

“We are talking about tens of thousands of people ordered by the Israeli occupation forces to move East, and when they moved from the East to the West, they found nowhere to stay as every part was being subjected to shelling and bombardment by the Israeli warplanes and the Israeli tanks.”

“Gaza is living the real tragedy that the modern history of humanity has never witnessed. You can’t imagine how the Palestinian women, how the Palestinian children, how the Palestinian patients are sleeping down in the streets of our city as there is no place safe.”

Despite negotiations between Hamas and the Israeli government, mediated by multiple international countries and global calls for an immediate ceasefire, Nazzal stated that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statements and rhetoric indicate no intention of halting the Israeli forces’ genocidal campaign. Netanyahu consistently affirms their determination and commitment to continue their siege and occupation in Gaza.

“Israel is not interested in stopping the war on Gaza. Israel is determined to go ahead with killing more children and women in the occupied Palestinian territories. The Israeli Prime Minister is turning a blind eye to all the international calls and to all the people’s appeals to stop this mad war against the women and the children of Palestine.”

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