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Durban Mosque Remains Open and Active After Bomb Threat

by Thaabit Kamaar


Durban – An undetonated explosive device was discovered at the Masjid Dur Rahman Mosque in Durban North early Monday morning. Despite the seriousness of the situation, which the mosque’s trustee Yusuf Desai described as a potential Islamophobic attack, the mosque remains open and active for all community members.

Desai also mentioned that mosque attendance has not decreased since the incident. In fact, on the evening following the discovery, there was a larger-than-usual turnout of Muslims coming to perform their daily prayers.

“Security is being added, and there is nothing to fear. The mosque is open for Muslims and non-Muslims. They are welcome to come in. The incident took place yesterday morning, but last night, the mosque was fuller than normal. The crowd was much bigger, so Alhamdulillah should show you that there is no fear.”

The community’s response to the bomb scare has been one of faith and resilience. Despite their lack of fear towards the potential terrorists, Desai emphasised that there is still cause for concern, particularly given the recent escalating violent crimes against Muslims, such as the murder of Halima-Hoosen Preston.

Additionally, he expressed fears that these terrorists might attempt to target other mosques and religious institutions in the area.

“We have no fears as such but cause for concern. It could spread to another Masjid, could spread to a church, could spread to a synagogue. We don’t know what it is. It could be somebody trying to incite hatred between the community. This is how their forces operate.”

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The Mosque, a Focal Point for the Community

It was the first time the mosque experienced a crime of this nature. The device found on the premises consisted of two plastic explosives connected with detonation wire.

The perpetrators were startled by the security guard, preventing a potentially horrific event for both the Muslims who attend the mosque and the wider community.

According to Desai, the mosque has always been an integral part of the community, especially during times of crisis. There has always been a strong relationship between the people and the mosque.

For this reason, Desai was puzzled as to why the mosque would be targeted with such a potentially devastating crime. Since the mosque always assists people of all faiths, he can’t understand the motivation behind the attempted terror attack.

“The community is a bit startled in general as to why the incident would take place in the mosque. I’m talking about the greater community as such, and we have a good relationship. … So, this is what beats us. Is it a lone wolf upset about something or an organised group? Are they upset about something? They should maybe engage with us, talk to us, say what is troubling them.”

The South African Police Services (SAPS) bomb squad is conducting the investigation. The squad responded promptly and professionally to the incident.

Desai mentioned that security footage is being reviewed as part of the investigation. While there are some preliminary descriptions of the suspects, details are being withheld to avoid compromising the investigation.

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