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Winterveldt Madressah Hosts Gala Dinner

Winterveldt Madressah Hosts Gala Dinner

Hawa Mayere | 13 March 2017

Islam in the townships has been fast growing for the past few years. This is all thanks to the selfless contribution of key individuals and organisations such as Zainub Nkumane, who established the Winterveldt Madressa in 1983. Since then, it has been serving the people of the community.

Appah Zainub Nkumane and her team have devoted their time and effort in spreading Islam in Winterveldt. Presently, the Madressa has about 143 children attending on a daily basis. The Madressa provides a safe haven for the children.

The gala dinner was held at the Kit Kat Convention Centre on Saturday,  11 March 2017. It was hosted by the Winterveldt Madressa with the aim of raising funds for an Islamic centre. The purpose was not solely to raise funds- but to highlight the challenges faced by many of the students who attend the Madressa. Some of the challenges are; poor health conditions, the lack of exposure to opportunities and high unemployment levels.

The government has donated 2,7 hectares of land to the Madressa. This is a big step for Muslims in Winterveldt.

“ We have been given the land but funding from both private and public sectors is needed.”

The plan for the land is to build a community centre which will house a community hall, a clinic, a Mosque and a library. The objective would be to reduce poverty and unemployment, improve the community’s health care system and to combat illiteracy and crime.

“Let’s not become victims rather support a worthy cause which aims to break boundaries ”

It’s not just giving funds but also investing in a project which will make a huge difference for the community in Winterveldt.

Subhanallah, there was no better way to end the evening than having one member of the audience embracing Islam. It was an evening to remember.



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