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Suspect in Muhammed Shaik case granted bail – 2 more wanted

by Salaam Foundation

Azhar Vadi | Pic: Facebook | 14 November 2018

The Magaliesburg Drug Rehabilitation Centre has met with the South African Police Service investigating the murder of Muhammed Shaik (40), a father of three, who died after allegedly being assaulted at the centre. Legal representative, Yousha Tayob said they are cooperating with the authorities.

The centre has been fully operational despite the unfortunate death of Mr Shaik on the 14 October 2018.

Moonira Suliman, the family spokesperson and sister of Mr Shaik, said their first court attendance was an emotional experience as one of the suspects, Muhammad Khan, appeared for a bail hearing. She said they heard details of what allegedly took place after Shaik was admitted on the 28 September 2018.

“We got to hear what happened. How they hit my brother, how they passed the base ball bat around and they hit him until the base ball bat broke. It was very difficult for us,” she lamented. “We will attend every case and seek justice for my brother.”

According to Suliman the state opposed bail but the accused was released on R5000. His legal representative told eNCA that Khan would plead not guilty as he was not involved in the assault. Khan however does have a case of attempted murder pending with no previous convictions.

Speaking on Salaamedia’s News & Views radio programme, Attorney Yousha Tayob representing the Magaliesburg Rehab Centre said they understood that one patient had been arrested and that two more people were being sought after by police including a second patient and one employee of the Magaliesburg Centre.

Tayob also refuted an allegation that the centre was operating illegally. “We have done everything necessary in so far as the Mogale municipality and the Department of Social Welfare is concerned in regards to the documents that need to be submitted on an annual basis. The delay in the process is not on the Magaliesburg Centre side but in fact on the side of the Mogale Municipality who have not processed those documents in order to render the licensing effective.”

The hearing was set to continue in the Krugersdorp Magistrate Court on the 7 December 2018.

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