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Thursdays from 11am-1pm with Julie Alli

by zeenat

Karen Borochowitz, Executive Director of Dementia SA outlines the first sign of dementia.

Julie Ali talks to Karen Borochowitz, Executive Director and founder of Dementia SA.

Shuhaida Adam gives tips to help one prepare for life after the wedding day.

Julie Ali is joined in studio by Shuhaida Adam, a social worker at Islamic Careline.

Book review of ‘The Economics Of Love And Happiness’.

Julie Alli talks to Author Shafinaaz Hassim.

Hot temperatures & high winds expected to fan flames of blazes that devastated parts of Australia.

Julie Alli talks to Naadirah Chenia working with Muslim Aid Australia as their community relations officer, in charge of fundraising as well as Muslim Aid Australia’s Womens Forum.

Beginning 2020 with a positive mind.

Julie Alli talks to Rooksana Modan about starting the new year with a positive mind.

Giving your child the edge.

Julie Alli talks to Nicole Katzenellenbogen – healthcare practitioner, specialising as a Occupational Therapist.

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