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Investigation into July unrest is about ‘getting to the bottom of it’ and ensuring reconciliation, says SAHRC

by Zahid Jadwat

JOHANNESBURG – As the national investigation into the July unrest enters its second week, four months after parts of South Africa were rocked by violent looting and protests, the South African Human Rights  Commission (SAHRC) says it seeks to ensure accountability and bring about reconciliation.


Speaking to Salaamedia, CEO of SAHRC Advocate Tseliso Thipanyane said the Commission will find those responsible for the violence and hopes to “bring reconciliation amongst our people” in order to “repair” affected communities.


“We want to make sure that those who are responsible are held to account. We will expect the different agencies of the state and the police to investigate and and get to the bottom of the spring so that this issue never happens again,” said Adv. Thipanyane.


“Clearly this tragedy also brought about uncomfortable and unacceptable incidents of racial violence and assault and things that have to be addressed and we [want to] repair the the relationships in our communities, where people can live again together as South Africans,” he added.

In July 2021, parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng were violently looted and destroyed in one of the worst protest events in South Africa. More than 300 people were killed and the economy suffered a massive blow during the period of violence.


Much of the testimony given during the first week of the investigation pointed towards a poor response from Police and racially-motivated violence.


The Pietermaritzburg and Midlands Chamber of Business (PMCB), a representative business organisation in the PMB region of KwaZulu-Natal, alleged that police officials had confessed to having received instructions from leadership to stand down and not intervene in during the period of unrest.


Julie Alli spoke to Advocate Tseliso Thipanyane, CEO of the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) on News & Views. Listen to the full discussion here:

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