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South African Islamic scholar slams Saudi Arabia for banning Tablighi Jamaat ‘without proper understanding’

by Zahid Jadwat

DURBAN – The move by the Saudi Arabian government to ban the Tablighi Jamaat movement within the Kingdom’s borders is based on “false allegations” and was made “without proper understanding”, according an Islamic scholar.


Speaking to Salaamedia, Moulana Abdullah Khan from the Jamiatul-Ulama KZN said the move, which he believes was made on the basis of “false allegations” and “without proper understanding of its [Tablighi Jamaat] origin”, is part of Satan’s machinations to lead the Muslim world astray.


“This is the plot of shaytan in misguiding the leaders to go astray in such a manner that the general masses become astray as well,” he said.


Last week, the Saudi Arabian government issued a decree banning the Tablighi Jamaat and labelled it as a “gate of terrorism”. The government also instructed Imams at mosques throughout the country to use the Friday sermon to warn the public against the Muslim missionary movement.


The move sparked outrage amongst Islamic organisations and scholars from across the world. In a widely-shared video clip, Indian scholar Moulana Salman Hussain Nadvi criticised the Saudi government and said the Kingdom is a “loyal puppet” at the hands of “zionists powers”.


Ml. Khan explained that the transnational Tablighi Jamaat seeks only to “bring people closer” to Islamic teachings and practices. “If you look at the track record of the Tablighi Jamaat and the people that are involved in this effort, we will find that the reality is that this is the jamaat that is bringing people closer to the original practice and the original requirements of fulfilling our duties and responsibilities towards Allah; reminding us that we need to turn our attention towards Almighty Allah.”


He is adamant that the movement will not be harmed by the ban. “This jamaat is a jamaat that has got the global footprint and no banning of this particular jamaat will cause the jamaat any harm in any way,” he said.


Meanwhile, Darul Uloom Deoband, an Islamic institute based in Deoband, India, condemned Saudi Arabia and asked the government to rethink its decision. This is reportedly the first time the influential institute has publicly condemned the Kingdom.


Julie Alli spoke to Ml. Abdullah Khan from the Jamiatul-Ulama KZN on News & Views. Listen to the full discussion here:

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