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Centrist Silence Contributes to Muslim Targeting in India, Says Analyst

by Thaabit Kamaar
Image Source: Al Jazeera 

Hyderabad – The aftermath of the recent elections in India has brought with it a disturbing surge in violence against the Muslim community. This alarming trend, while not entirely unexpected, is causing mounting concerns about its potential to escalate further.

Despite the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, failing to achieve a clear victory in the world’s largest electoral event, resulting in a coalition government, the situation remains tense.

Political Analyst Zahid Qadri notes that there have been multiple attacks on Muslims in various areas. He links this violence to the ongoing anti-Muslim sentiment that the BJP has stoked over the last ten years.

“This is a continuation of what we see in terms of acidic, rabid political rhetoric that has been propelled across the country over the past ten years. The idea is that political parties are shying away from speaking about real issues that affect people—issues of unemployment, poverty, and health care. All of these issues, they’re trying to sideline by creating an ‘us versus them’ rhetoric and targeting specific voters of different religious backgrounds.”

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Upholding Law and Order for All Indian Citizens

Despite the BJP not achieving a majority on its own and the rise of opposition parties, many analysts had hoped the election results would lead to restraint in handling Hindu groups. However, Qadri did not share this optimism.

He argues that right-wing factions feel cornered and threatened by the changing voter sentiment. Consequently, they appear to be intensifying their aggressive tactics.

“It will be quite the opposite of that because they now feel cornered. They have understood that over 60% of the voters do understand that this is hate politics. It is damaging to the nation, and the shift in the vote is very clear on the ground.”

“Though the entire data is still not available, overall, there has been a macro shift in the vote against the right wing. It hasn’t been sufficient to keep them out of power, but there’s definitely a beginning.”

However, the blame for the violence extends beyond right-wing parties. Qadri pointed out that the silence of centrist parties also plays a role in the ongoing targeting of the Muslim community.

He underscored the critical need to uphold law and order and protect all Indian citizens, regardless of their religious beliefs. Neglecting these issues could have far-reaching implications for the country’s social stability, a prospect that should not be taken lightly.

“I think what has been more damaging is the silence of the centrists. They don’t seem to speak up enough. It isn’t about speaking up for Muslims, but it is about speaking up about what is right and wrong.”

“The law in itself needs to be held sacrosanct because when we start to create attacks or any kind of law and order problems for any group in a country, it indicates a breakdown of the social fabric and law and order of that nation. So it’s not just that particular group that is attacked and physically affected; there is a much larger effect that happens in the entire nation. This is the more worrying thing because this takes generations to rebuild thereafter.”

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