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Fundraiser for Winterveldt Madressah

by Salaamedia

Keabetswe Shilakwe | 3 March 2017

Winterveldt Madressah is an institution that has been uplifting the community through its programmes for over 20 years.

The madressah also runs a feeding program as well as a bursary program for children from the madressah and the community at large who are academically gifted. They also have a vegetable garden which they use to receive some form of income by selling the produce to the community.

“Funding is our biggest challenge because currently, we get support from friends. That’s how we survive.”

Problems the institution faces are individuals who promise to donate and don’t follow through. Another problem is a donor who promises to donate a certain amount and does not donate the whole amount, resulting in a child or children dropping out of school due to unavailable funds.

This year the Winterveldt Madressah hosts its first gala dinner in hopes to raise funds for the cause.

“For this particular dinner we’re looking to raise at least a million [rand], but a minimum, because it’s a start for us, a minimum of five hundred thousand [rand] we should be able passionately sustain us, feeding the children every day and to pay fees for children that we have at the private schools…”

The response, however, has not been favourable. Aisha Majogo, Public Relations Officer for the madressah, blames it on their delaying to notify people and organisations respectively in time. She does mention that organisations who were told in time have not responded at all and it decreases morale.

The main focus of the funds collected from the gala dinner is to guarantee the livelihood and educating of the children. Other funds will go toward empowering and equipping community members with skills to fend for themselves.

“We’re here, we are crying out to you in need of support for our children to go to school…”

For more information contact Aisha: 071 521 5365

The gala dinner will be on the 11th of March 2017.

“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” – Roy T Bennet

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