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Death Sentence for Muslim Brotherhood Ten

by Luqmaan Rawat

Egypt – Ten Muslim Brotherhood members have been sentenced to death by an Egyptian court. The members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood were found guilty of violence against security officers in 2015. The charges will be reviewed by a Grand Mufti first but the chances of it being appealed or refused are quite low according to a journalist at Middle Eastern Monitor (MEM).
Speaking to Salaamedia, Muhammad Javid of MEM expressed that anyone who speaks out about the government lives in fear of receiving a harsh punishment.

“Egypt, like many of the Arab States, is autocratic in its governance system and in how it applies justice you could say. So, people, as in other Arab countries like I said, they are scared to voice their opinions and there are journalists and there are activists and human rights advocates who do try to express their opinions but yes, there is a fear amongst them that they could be targeted, they could be next in line, and we know that as of now there are currently an estimated 60 000 political prisoners.”
Those who speak out from abroad are not safe from imprisonment and receiving such treatment explained Javid.

“There was an Egyptian activist who they say is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, a dissident. His plane from Khartoum to Istanbul was stopped on the way to Egypt and then at Luxor Airport he was arrested and he’s in detention currently and he hasn’t been heard of since. So, even those who are abroad and who are traveling they are treated unfair as well.”

Trying to get international help for those who are given these harsh sentences is extremely difficult if they are not dual citizens says Javid.

“When it comes to saving someone from a death sentence or from imprisonment it really depends, a lot of the time, on their citizenship. Are they just Egyptian citizens? Are they other Nationals as well? Are they British Nationals or any other Nationals? If they are, then there might be hope through the British Consulate or other National Consulates or Embassies but if they’re Egyptian Nationals, it’s very difficult for them to be saved from that.”
Julie Alli spoke to Muhammad Javid, a journalist at Middle Eastern Monitor, on News & Views. Listen to the full discussion here:

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