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SAHUC Updates Their Website to Make it More Effective for Pilgrims

by Thaabit Kamaar

The South African Hajj and Umrah Council updated their website with features intended to make their platform more user-friendly and effective for current and prospective registered pilgrims.

Shaheen Essop, the President of SAHUC, said the website’s new features would enhance the security of processed information so no application falls through.

The enhancements will allow users to communicate their queries in a much more straightforward and accessible manner with a faster turnaround time. Users will be able to view news and information published on the website.

Registered applicants will also be able to track and view their place in the queue via a dynamic list which will be made available.

Essop said, “I think this new system with its enhancements is going to be very beneficial for the Hajj industry and the administration of Hajj.”

He said that in the future, SAHUC intends to have an app in which people can view spaces and book their pilgrimages accordingly.

Link Applications

Some people have experienced issues when applying for Hajj or Umrah on the SAHUC platform. For instance, people intending to travel as a pair, whether married, family members or siblings, experienced issues where their applications were not processed together for the same period.

There are reasons why these complications occur. If the applicants do not link their names correctly and if the person is a repeat traveller, this can result in applicants being on opposite ends of the list.

Essop said this is not so much a fault of the system rather than of the applicant. He advised people to ensure their applications are linked correctly to avoid inconvenience.

“To be a couple, you need to notify SAHUC that we’re a couple, we want to be linked, and my husband is my mahram. So in the eventuality of the accreditation, the husband and wife will be queued together. Whereas if the husband … and wife applied separately, those unfortunate situations happen.”

Plans to Reduce Waiting Period

Essop said presently, the number on the queueing list sits at approximately 37 000 first-time travellers waiting to make their pilgrimage.

The number of applicants rose due to COVID restrictions which prevented people from travelling between 2020 and 2021.

SAHUC intends to meet with the Saudi Arabian Minister of Hajj. They plan to put this case forward and try to increase the South African Hajj quota. Hopefully, reducing the waiting period.

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