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Dr Fowzia Siddiqui: American guards ‘vindictive’ against Aafia

by Zahid Jadwat

Dr Fowzia Siddiqui, sister of incarcerated Pakistani Dr Aafia Siddiqui, has made a fresh plea for her sister’s return. She asserts Islamophobia is alive and well in FMC Carswell, where Aafia is serving an 86-year prison sentence.

Speaking on the latest developments in her sister’s case, Fowzia said conditions in prison remained hostile. Accusing prison guards of holding a superiority complex, she said they had “the mentality of the superior over a slave”.

“It’s just these guards being vindictive. Everytime Aafia wants to read the Qur’an, for them it is just a sign that she needs to be punished because ‘she is a bad Muslim woman’ and ‘through punishing the daughter of the ummah, we can punish the ummah’,” she said.

Speaking out of Karachi, Pakistan, she told Salaamedia it was about time Pakistani authorities made a deal to bring her sister back home.

“This has been done in the past. A lot of countries; like India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, have all gotten their prisoners transferred back home using the same treaties.”

“It seems that for once we have a cut off bar set there that this has to be done by this date, if not, there’ll be consequences to bear. That is a new glimmer of hope for us,” she said.


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