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Farm in the City – Sustainable Charity – Donate Now

We are all looking for the most profitable investment that yields the largest return. Why not do the same with your charitable donations?

How can you ensure that your Rand, Dollar or Euro value is increased exponentially in its ability to assist people in need?

And how do you contribute that the rewards you gain from your charitable contributions go on for an eternity?

Invest and donate towards the #FarmInTheCity, an organic and hydroponic fresh produce project located on a plot alongside the Salaam Foundation offices in Robertsham, Johannesburg.

The produce from this project will be used to support all our projects, both locally and internationally.

Essentially you will be rewarded for every charitable project we participate, assisting the vulnerable in South Africa, orphan care in Syria, medical relief in Yemen, boreholes in Chad or farming assistance in Zimbabwe.

Donate now to the #FarmInTheCity project facilitated by Salaam Foundation.

Donate online by clicking or do an EFT directly to:

Salaam Foundation

FNB 62669147665

Branch 250 737

Ref: Farm + name

For a Section 18A certificate, email fatima@salaamedia.com.