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IRSA Hosts Exclusive Screening of “If I Must Die, Let It Bring Hope” to Support Gaza Relief Efforts

by Thaabit Kamaar


South Africa – Like many global humanitarian agencies supporting Palestinians in occupied territories, Islamic Relief South Africa (IRSA) continues its commendable efforts to raise awareness about the ongoing genocide and provide various forms of support and relief to the people of Gaza through numerous initiatives. One such initiative is the exclusive screening of a powerful documentary titled “If I Must Die, Let It Bring Hope.”

Zaheer Rajah, events coordinator at IRSA, stated that the film aims to highlight the suffering, struggles, and plight of Palestinians, including women and children in Gaza. Additionally, it will showcase the resilience and hope of the Palestinians amidst the ongoing ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Israel and its allies.

“I do believe that after watching the screening, after watching this film, it’s going to be really hard, moving, and spiritually uplifting too. It takes us back to not just what escalated in October but way before that … It’s putting everything into perspective, taking into account the struggles that our brothers, sisters, and kids [in Gaza] are going through.”

The documentary screening is scheduled for July 12 at the Military Museum in Saxonwold, Johannesburg. Tickets are priced at R150 and can be purchased on Quicket. All Proceeds Will Be Going Towards Relief Efforts in Gaza

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About the IRSA Documentary

“If I Must Die, Let It Bring Hope” is a documentary produced by several courageous journalists on the ground in Gaza, offering an unfiltered, profound, and authentic perspective on the genocide, siege, and displacement occurring there.

The film was edited by a skilled South African filmmaker, who meticulously compiled the footage to create a powerful narrative. Unlike social media posts, Rajah noted that the film provides a comprehensive and moving portrayal of the horrifying daily realities faced by Palestinians.

“What we are watching and what we are seeing is very little of what is actually happening … Yes, we’re looking at the videos, but this is bringing all different people, all different families, all different age groups, and putting it into perspective of what each family is going through.”

The documentary has a dual purpose. Firstly, it seeks to raise awareness about the plight of the Palestinians and to generate funds for providing essential aid to the people of occupied Palestine.

Rajah believes the documentary is vital because it will not only inform but also inspire viewers to renew their commitment to supporting the Palestinians. The organisation hopes the screenings will draw significant crowds at all the venues where it will be shown.

“We’re hoping that we get a good turnout. Here we are asking our brothers and sisters in the community to come out and support this initiative. All funds raised from the screening will go to assisting our brothers and sisters in Gaza.”

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