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Palestinian Activist Condemns UK for Halting Justice in ICC Investigation

by Thaabit Kamaar


United Kingdom – According to reports, the United Kingdom has been granted permission to submit an amicus brief questioning the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) authority over Israeli leaders, specifically Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, in the ongoing investigation by The Hague tribunal. On Thursday, the court ruled that the UK has until July 12 to present legal arguments and file its brief.

Palestinian Solidarity Activist Fazeela Mahomed expressed dismay at the news, as it means justice will be delayed for the thousands of Palestinians in Gaza who Israeli forces have brutally killed. Furthermore, she criticised the UK’s intervention at the ICC, suggesting it was another attempt by Israel’s Western allies to shield them from accountability.

“Once again, the UK has intervened to stop the implementation of international law. When there are cases against people from the South, they are very quick to implement the decisions of the ICC. But when it comes to Palestine, they have shown their bias against the Palestinian people and their unashamed support for the Israeli government.”

Despite the support Israel receives from its allies, Mahomed said the genuinely shocking aspect is that the West consistently preaches human rights above all else and is quick to hold foreign violators accountable. However, when their interests or those of their friends are at stake, they show no hesitation in betraying their values to protect them.

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The Delay in Proceedings Allows for the Continuation of the Genocide

The UK’s intervention in the issuance of arrest warrants against Israeli leaders accused of war crimes, as requested by ICC prosecutor Karim Khan, could result in a postponement until the court addresses the UK’s jurisdictional challenge.

Consequently, Mahomed fears this delay would allow the continuation of violence, starvation, and death among the Palestinian people and would encourage Israel’s genocidal actions.

“There’s blood on the hands of the US, the UK and Germany who are supporting this genocide, and if this continues, it will mean that they are complicit in the act of murder against Palestinian people. They will also be complicit in the decline of all international instruments to bring human rights abusers to book.”

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