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Press Release – Shamsheer Khan joins Salaamedia

by Salaamedia

8 February 2016 | Salaamedia | Graphic: synchronicitydesigns.com

Recently launched Salaamedia, a new concept portal for humanitarian journalism is proud to announce an exciting addition to our media division.

We welcome veteran media expert Shamsheer Khan to Salaamedia. With 14 years of multi-level media knowledge and media management experience, he will be advancing the growth of the media division where human stories set the agenda and actions follow words.

Upon joining Salaamedia Khan noted: “The compelling vision of this media house fills an important space in the industry. It has diversified from duplication and given immediacy and critical reach to human stories. We will make extensive use of the online medium for audio and digital broadcast in addition to other exciting outlets that will be announced soon insha Allah.”

To get in touch with Shamsheer Khan (Hfz) please email: shamsheer@salaamedia.com or on mobile 0817172300.

For further details and upcoming initiatives join Salaamedia’s Facebook page  & communicate with us via WhatsApp on 081 706 4622 or follow us on Twitter  for regular updates.

For media queries please contact Azhar Vadi on +27 81 706 4622 or email az@salaamedia.com.

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