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Tribute to Muslim broadcasters in South Africa: Faizal Sayed

by Salaamedia

By Humairaa Mayet

The war to come in the future will not be a war of bombs and ammunitions but a war of the minds, and media plays a big role in that. – Faizal Sayed

Monday’s #TributeToMuslimBroadcastersSA segment featured Faizal Sayed.

A host of the acclaimed Faizal Sayed Show on Deen Channel and pioneer of Islamic content on SABC and ETV, Sayed is a remarkably accomplished broadcaster who has worked in the field for 19 years.

Sayed recalled the beginning of his career as “strange” – he started off as an extra on television and took an interest in production. From here he spring-boarded into many other projects and journalistic endeavours such as Ramadan at 4 on SABC. He focused on bringing the Muslim narrative into mainstream media which occasionally tended to marginalise Muslim voices.

One of the founders of Deen TV (now Deen Channel), Sayed served as the CEO for 9 years and stepped down only recently. Deen Channel operates in 30 countries across Africa under the banner of StarSat, a division of StarTimes Media, a “formidable powerhouse” based in China.

Remembering one of his trips to Dar es Salaam, Sayed reflected on how much of an impact his show has had across the continent. He was recognised by many as soon as he disembarked as his show was broadcasted widely in Tanzania.

According to Sayed, budding journalists must “connect with their authentic selves” and have good intentions as well as hopes to bring about change in order to flourish in the industry.

The #TributeToMuslimBroadcastersSA segment on Salaamedia is an exclusive Ramadan broadcast on our platform, inspired by the life and times of the late Ebrahim Gangat who was well known for his broadcasting talent.

Watch the full interview here:

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