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How a dog walk turned into a nightmare for an Emmarentia resident

by Umamah Bakharia

JOHANNESBURG – Crime is a common enemy in South Africa; as many are aware of the increasingly high crime rate in the country. However, crime incidents can be unexpected.


Such an example is the experience of high school student from Emmarentia, Johannesburg, Sera Farista who was walking her dog at the popular Emmerentia Dam when she encountered a group of muggers.


Like the many Joburgers who frequent the popular attraction on weekends, Farista, a frequent walker at the dam, usually finds the area safe.

“I normally walk my dog during peak hour around 5:30 pm so there is a lot of people around,” she said in an exclusive interview with Salaamedia.

Unfortunately, on Saturday evening, when she arrived at the park there was less of a crowd than normal.


That’s when, while walking towards the exit of the gate and after taking her phone out to take a picture of her dog, she was eyed by four young men aged between 18-22 years old.

“I did not think anything of it and thought they were 4 regular boys going for a walk – like I was – but living in South Africa, whenever I see men and I’m by myself I get scared.”

So she chose to switch pathways and, as she moved away, she was confronted by one of the men carrying a gun. During her panicked attempt to escape, Farista was hit on the head and thrown on the ground.

“One of the boys got on top of me to stop me from resisting while the others stole my bag that contained my water bottle, books, a journal and my phone.”

Farista was stabbed on her hand by the muggers while trying to resist. She is doing well, but has advised park visitors not to walk alone, be alert and carry protective gear.


Julie Alli spoke to Sera Farista, the victim of a violent mugging at Emmarentia Dam, Johannesburg, on News & Views. Listen to the full discussion here:

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