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Our Hawa Mayere heading to Turkey

by Salaamedia

15 May 2016 | Press Release

Salaamedia, South Africa’s first humanitarian journalism portal, has been all about opportunity, growth and development since coming online in January 2016. They have worked hard to see these aspects blossom in the broader society, their clients as well as the consumers of their media.

Most importantly, however, they wish to see growth, development and opportunity in their team of journalists and workers in the field of humanitarian journalism.

“It’s our staff that ultimately look after the clients, direct the growth and development projects and produce the media that we wish to see bring about change in the world. If we look after these important people in our organisation, they will look after the rest,” said Shamsheer Khan, a director at Salaamedia.

With this in mind, Salaamedia has dispatched the youngest member of their team, Hawa Mayere, to the International Palestine Forum for Media and Communications scheduled to take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on the 18-19 May 2016.

As a current Media Studies student at the Tshwane University of Technology, Hawa is expected to learn and gain fantastic exposure by interacting and meeting other journalists from around the globe with a common world view. The conference aims to bring together the largest gathering of journalists and media organisations who work in the best interests of the Palestinian people.

For the young Hawa Mayere, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. “I am looking forward to this conference and I hope it will allow me to grow as a journalist and widen my vision. To be given this chance is something really special. I have always been one who seeks to tread the path of justice. This cause – that of the Palestinian people is very close to my heart.”

Azhar Vadi, also director at the online media house, thanked the organisers for inviting Salaamedia to the conference. “Hawa’s trip has been fully sponsored. It goes to show that outlets like Salaamedia with young and upcoming journalists are the future and worth investing in. We are constantly looking for partners and associates who share our vision and understand the importance of expanding resources in this regard.”

Vadi also thanked  Suraya Dadoo, a seasoned and well known Palestinian activist in South Africa, for her role in facilitating Hawa’s journey.

Hawa’s experiences and reports can be followed through the following online sites:






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