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Former Durban Deputy Mayor’s Eid message to the Muslim community of South Africa

by Salaamedia


This is Fawzia Peer. The former Deputy Mayor of Ethekweni.

It is indeed a pleasure and a privilege to extend our heartfelt Eid Greetings to the Muslim community on the almost termination of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr. Eid Mubarak to one and all. May your day be filled with happiness, joy, and the love of family and friends, Inshaa-Allah. May Allah SWT accept the Ibadah, sacrifice, and duas made in the month of Ramadan.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected citizens globally, overwhelmed by uncertainty and fear of the future. But the adaptability of mankind has proven itself over a passage of time, as an incredible force for its own survival.

The public has come to the assistance of the government by opening hearts to assisting the needy in these challenging times.

We are particularly proud of the various feeding schemes and charitable endeavours undertaken by the Muslims and other faith-based and social organisations in providing relief to the poor and vulnerable.

In order to ensure food security and to effectively sustain this impetus, we established a collaborative and integrated model called the Muslim Relief Alliance which was most effective in coordinating responses by avoiding any duplications of food hampers and working in a most systemic manner, reaching out to the neediest and not working in patches. We ensured that the food goes to those in need of it the most and that there is no patronage networks or political interference in the distribution of food. We thank all those that worked with us. May the Almighty reward you abundantly, Aameen.

And one of the most conspicuous take away from this pandemic is that the world is forced into digital transformation. We were devastated when our President declared the lockdown.

Allah places tests in our path and it is the duty of each of us to rise to those challenges with the bounty of knowledge and ingenuity that God has given us. Our way of life has changed, perhaps for the foreseeable future.

The blessed month has passed, but let us maintain the steadfastness and goodness we have cultivated during the blessed month.

May Allah bless our community and our beautiful city.

Please continue to stay safe, practicing physical distancing in all you do.

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