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#LGE2021: Here’s what the ANC, EFF, DA and others are promising voters in Johannesburg

by Zahid Jadwat

JOHANNESBURG – Several political parties have promised to speed up service delivery, create jobs, and build a smart city should either one of them gain control of the City of Johannesburg in the upcoming 2021 municipal elections.


Representatives and candidates from the ANC, EFF, DA, Al-Jama’ah Party and ActionSA announced their individual post-election plans at Salaamedia’s Johannesburg Mayoral Candidate Debate at Marks Park, Emmarentia on Wednesday evening.


From land audits and land reform to creating a business friendly environment, here’s what each party is promising voters:


African National Congress (ANC):


Speaking on behalf of her party and its mayoral candidate Cllr. Mpho Moerane, ANC regional executive committee member Matshidiso Mfikoe said that the party will build a “strong” and “innovative” city through engagement with communities.


“The ANC intends to make sure that we build a smart, innovative city; a financially-sound and well-governed city. We’re committing ourselves, working with our communities, to build a strong city,” she said.


She added that they intend on delivering services “promptly and very consistently”, and that the party will work with communities to improve health and safety in the City of Johannesburg.


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)


“I don’t wish any of us to be rhetoric about critical issues like service delivery. Our people are watching at home and they are hoping for the best. They are hoping that whatever we are going to tell them today is going to happen tomorrow!” said Raseruthe Sepetlele, the EFF’s mayoral candidate and the party’s chairperson in Johannesburg.
As the issue of land reform has been a key aspect of the party’s campaign, Sepetlele said that they wish to conduct an audit into land ownership in Johannesburg. He said the purpose of such an audit would be to find “ghost owners”, but did not state what they would do with the land thereafter.
“Our manifesto is a document which was made up of various problems from our communities. Our communities are demanding land [because] they don’t have shelter. They want a place to to call home and what we are going to do is what we call a land audit,” he said.
Democratic Alliance (DA)


“The City of Joburg is broken. Residents, business, civil society – everybody in the city – is asking for a restoration of normality and functionality in the City of Johannesburg,” said Dr. Mpho Phalatse, mayoral candidate for DA.


Dr. Phalatse outlined the party’s “seven pillar manifesto”. This includes the party’s focus on service delivery, infrastructure investment, safety, skills development and the transformation of Johannesburg into a smart city.


“StatsSA released a study in 2019, also stating that where it [DA] serves, it serves well and it takes care of the poor better than any other party in this country. That is the DA difference that we want to bring to the city of Johannesburg,” she said.
Al-Jama’ah Party


Thapelo Amad, mayoral candidate for Al-Jama’ah Party in Johannesburg, said that the party is a “political platform for all communities” which is committed to creating access to opportunities for residents.


“We are committed to [being] an alternative voice for service delivery, a voice of accountability, advanced digitization in the City of Johannesburg, foster social cohesion and curb the digital divide,” he said.


Like his counterparts at the ANC and DA, Amad said the party is committed to transforming the city into a smart city. He added that they are an “alternative voice for economic recovery”.




John Moodey, Gauteng chairperson of ActionSA, said that the party will overhaul municipalities in South Africa by implementing a customer-centric approach to governance.


“The work of fixing South Africa starts at home, with our local governments. Functional municipalities are the very foundation of a prosperous state. Therefore, to get South Africa on the right track again, we must start by fixing the basics of service delivery at local government level,” he said.
He said that the party will invest in critical infrastructure, prioritise service delivery, prosecute the corrupt and audit office bearers who are likely to be solicited for bribes, amongst other actions.
Watch the full Johannesburg Mayoral Candidate Debate here:

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