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Champion series – Fountain of Inspiration

by Salaamedia Intern

The word champion best describes a level of excellence. The Champion series on the Ashraf Garda Show highlights an individual who unknowingly achieves this excellence. Champion is the best way to describe Yunus Jassat. He is the founder of the Fountain of Inspiration, an organisation based in Lenasia. 

The Fountain of Inspiration is a non-profit company (NPC), serving both the inner and outer community. They provide medical equipment for home care use. The organisation is open for use by everyone. Jassat, the founder, elaborated on the core focus of the company as serving humanity.  

“Our core focus is to assist people within our communities with medical equipment for home care use. So, what medical equipment are we referring to? Wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, shower chairs, bath chairs, commodes, hospital beds, substance mattresses, and oxygen units,” Jassat said on the Ashraf Garda Show. 

The Fountain of Inspiration has been operating for a long time. Jassat described the organisation developing from a discussion between a group of friends. It takes a special person to have the desire and passion to go out and actively serve the community.  

“We found that there was a gap in the market, that you know [is] not the right terminology, you know we’re not in business but there was a gap in the market, in terms of all the social work that all the different organisations, alhamdulillah are doing all over, especially Lenasia. We are blessed with so many organisations, they do lots of good work, but nobody has really looked into or really concentrated on medically equipment,” he said.

The modesty industry in the modern world

Making a difference

The Fountain of Inspiration is nearing ten years in existence. In the decade they have helped many members of the community. Through the donations of the community and the provisions of God, the organisation has managed to always to meet.  

“In ten years, we’ve given up close to 750 hospital beds, over 800 oxygen units. We’ve given over a thousand wheelchairs, and all the others you put them together, it’s over a thousand other products, so we’ve reached out to about close to four thousand people in the last 10 years without any effort,” revealed Jassat.  

The progress made by Jassat and his team of champions is inspiring to others. Listen to Yunus Jassat on the Ashraf Garda Show here:

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