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Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival 2017 “Celebrating Readers and Writers”

Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival 2017 “Celebrating Readers and Writers”

10 July 2017

The much anticipated Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival 2017 is set to kick off on Sunday, 30th July at the SBSM Independent School in Lenasia.

In 2016, orgnaisers paid tribute to living legends, poet and author Dr Don Mattera and author Ahmed

This year they honour poet and author Achmat Dangor, for his vast contribution to literature in South Africa and beyond. Photography by Fakir Hassen, Saaleha Idress Bamjee and the Roshnee Photography Club will be on display in the foyer of the Patidar Hall.

Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival 2017 will showcase the talents of Penguin Published authors’ Pamela Power and Fred Khumalo, authors Elinor Sisulu and Qarnita Loxton, Mail & Guardian Editor in Chief Khadija Patel, and 10 year old author Stacey Fru, award winning theatrical actresses Thokozani Ndaba and Ameera Patel as well as over 60 of Jozi’s top authors, bloggers and journalists.

The festival will consist of engaging panel discussions with literary greats, reading sessions, new release promos, adult and teen blogging workshops, teen writing workshops as well as storytelling, puppet shows and craft making for the kids.

Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival aims to showcase acclaimed literary greats so as to inspire and challenge the young and old in our communities to become more involved in reading and writing.
There is a full days’ programme for people of all ages and there are some amazing sessions to engage in:
If you’d like to learn how to create a blog, join Food and Arts blogger Saaleha Idrees Bamjee (ShootCake) and Web Designer Naeem Mayet (AutoStyle) in an Adult only session. Teens can create a blog with Radio Eastwave Host Riyaaz Safi, teen blogger Fatima Moolla (Timeless Teens) and Lifestyle Blogger Mumtaz Moosa Saley.

Bullying has become a pandemic in schools today. Join Author and Educational Psychologist Jo Hamilton as she talks to parents and teachers about her Assertiveness Toolbox which helps children cope with teasing, meanness and bullying.

And, if you want to encourage your sons to read, join writer Suraya Dadoo, in a session where she chats to several talented laaities-turned-writers about their own childhood reading journeys. Join Fred Khumalo (Dancing the Death Drill), Hinesh Vithal (National Park Trilogy), radio personalities Riyaaz Safi, Azhar Vadi and Ejaz Khan, and TV presenter Shaka Sisulu, to find out the secret of their success.

There is something for everybody! Food and beverages will be available from the school’s tuck-shop. Books and educational toys will be on sale in the SBSM school dining hall. Tickets can be bought at the gates on the day. Parking will be available in the neighbouring school grounds.

Entry is just R10 for adults and R5 for kids.




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