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Countries Call on Israel To Lift the Sanctions Imposed on Palestinians

by Thaabit Kamaar

Photo by [Middle East Online]

Approximately 40 countries have called on Israel to lift the sanctions it imposed on the Palestinian Authority. The PA sought an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice regarding Israel’s illegal occupation.

As reported by the Saudi Gazette, “The UN General Assembly approved a resolution promoted by the Palestinians requesting that the International Court of Justice weigh in on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Israeli “annexation” and the “legal status of the occupation.”

87 of the 193-member General Assembly voted in favour of the resolution, 26 against and 53 abstentions. With Israel strongly opposing it.

In response, the Israeli government announced sanctions earlier this month aimed at the PA for their efforts in pushing for the resolution.

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More Action, Fewer Words

Khatam Abd, a Palestinian activist, believes the support shown by these nations, however respectful, good and noble, does little to alleviate the suffering, displacement and raiding in Palestinian territories.

Abd said now is the time for courage and action by the international community to end the crimes committed against the Palestinians.

“Someone needs to do something. Someone needs to move. I’m talking about Morality here … In earlier months, I’ve watched some settlers cheering for a third Nakba … If the settlers are actually saying this, what do you [as a higher authority] have to do about this? So, what I’m saying here is someone needs to take a step.”

Israel’s Provocation

Abd said Palestinian Authorities had made multiple attempts to come to some agreement with Israel. However, Israel is not concerned with diplomacy or mutual harmony, as they want the land to themselves.

The sanctions are another step made by the Israeli government to add more pressure on the Palestinians. If the Palestinians retaliate to Israeli provocations, they run the risk of global criticism.

“What’s going to happen afterwards? People are just going to watch us die, and they’re going to say poor them. They’re going to be sad, [condemn them], and everything happens, but no one is actually taking action, taking measures to stop this.”

Abd continues to state Palestine is home to different people with different ethnicities and creeds who have lived in peace and harmony for thousands of years.

However, the Israeli settlers’ occupation has disrupted this and ruined it by wanting everything for themselves.

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