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Atteridgeville school gets PC lab – Salaamedia #Riding4SAeducation

Atteridgeville school gets PC lab – Salaamedia #Riding4SAeducation

The Bud Mbelle Primary is nestled deep within the Atteridgeville Township, west of Pretoria.
The Salaamedia #Riding4SAeducation visited the school while passing along during our 3000km bicycle journey in February 2017.

Like so many South African schools, the institution has been suffering from a lack of infrastructure and equipment. There was no photocopy machine and the aged computer room had even older Sahara PCs, from an era that we hope will come to a permanent end.

On a mission to improve education in South Africa, we placed the needs of the school on to social media and within a short period of time we had a response. Mr Jakes Rawat, a resident of the Western Cape sent a message back and delivered a state of the art photocopier to the school shortly thereafter.

And then in stepped Mr Ahmed Ismail, fondly known as Smiley, and his team at Siyafunda – CTC, an NGO that sets up community knowledge and computer centres allowing people to create, learn and communicate with others.

After numerous meetings and MOUs with the Gauteng Department of Education and the establishment of the needed internet networks, the PC lab finally opened its doors to learners on the 24 October 2017.
The projected has been funded by the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa (JUSA), the Pretoria North Muslim Educational Institute with support from the Lab Productions and Laudium Disaster Management.

Ml Obeidullah Bhoja of JUSA said, “Our branch is based in Laudium but we have taken Atteridgeville as a sister community to do some outreach programmes and we hope this will reap good rewards and benefits.”
“Our idea of the computer lab started in February, It’s 8 months down the line and Alhamdulillah (all praise be to God) we have achieved great success,” said Zakirah Bhika of the Lab Productions.

Mr Jacob Moifo, the school’s acting principal was simply overjoyed and thanked all the role players.
Salaamedia also wishes to thank all those who have contributed to the #Riding4SAeducation campaign. When working together, it’s amazing how much positivity can be generated.



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