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Engen Garage Ext 9 accused of dumping in Lenasia’s residential areas

by zeenat

 Humairaa Mayet | Image: Stock (file) | 22 November 2018

Rubina Hassan, a Lenasia Ext 9 resident, has accused the owner and management of the Engen petrol station opposite the Trade Route Mall of dumping potentially hazardous waste outside her property. The accusation comes amid a growing scourge in the community where people have taken to dumping illegally in open spaces and velds. As a result the area has been turned into a literal dump site with residents persistently complaining on social media.

Mrs Hassan’s accusation and outcry on her Facebook page was made after allegedly catching the culprit “red handed” outside her home. She stated that the man, to whom she refers to as Johannes, admitted to working as a contractor for the Engen garage.

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Dr. Ebrahim Gani, the proprietor of Engen Trade Route and of several other filling stations, claimed that a hierarchy exists in the garage  in terms of issuing instructions and carrying out duties; management is the highest tier, followed by day-to-day employees, and finally “contractors” hired from a nearby informal settlement. Gani stated that neither he, nor any of his employees, at any time authorised the dumping of waste illegally in Ext 9.

According to him, the man known as Johannes has been unemployed and often approached local businesses with the preposition to remove refuse for a payment. Gani suggested that Johannes was ultimately the one responsible as he has been dumping the rubble out of his own volition.

However, when pressed by Salaamedia’s early morning presenter Sarfaraaz Takolia as well as viewers on the Salaamedia’s Facebook page, Gani admitted that he needed to take responsibility ultimately.

He asserted that it was an act of “passive commission” as he was not directly involved, and that he is “guilty by default.”

An amicable solution was reached when, Gani promised that he would remove all rubble from outside Hassan’s house and surrounds. Individuals from nearby informal settlements will be hired for the purpose of refuse removal, but will be monitored by Engen staff, who will ensure that no dumping occurs in residential or illegal areas.

Both Hassan and Gani agreed to face the problem in a dignified manner, therefore guaranteeing that no illegal dumping will take place in the future.

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