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Salaamedia wins PMR Gold Award

by Salaam Foundation

11 February 2019

The Salaamedia team was greatly humbled on Monday morning when they received the Gold PMR Award for radio stations in the Muslim community.

At a gala breakfast event, the acknowledgement was received in front of nominees from across the South African economic spectrum.

“We are humbled to have received this award. We must thank our advertisers, donors, well-wishers and those who have believed in us since our inception,” said Salaamedia director, Azhar Vadi. “A special mention also goes out to the family members of our team who often sacrifice their loved ones for the upliftment of Salaamedia.”

The purpose of the awards according to the host, “is to enhance competitiveness – locally and internationally, to create a global and unique marketing tool for a company, department and/or institution, to create a unique SALES TOOL for SALES TEAMS, to enhance excellence in industry and to set a bench mark in industry and —- VERY IMPORTANT —– to acknowledge personnel and staff AND to motivate staff.”

This was the first time Salaamedia has been a recipient of the award following a random provincial sampling of 180 respondents comprising of CEO’s, business owners, company directors and senior community leaders representing the Muslim community.

Salaamedia station manager, Ponty Moletsane was ecstatic on receiving the award. “We have a small team and despite all our challenges we have proven that we are at the forefront the media industry crafting our own brand of journalism.

Salaamedia basis itself on the premises of humanitarian journalism which ties in developmental work to its journalistic reports through the Salaam Foundation.

Fatima Sookharia, CEO of the Salaam Foundation, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to upon receiving the award. “We believe that we can touch lives, drive change and build a better world. A world based on justice, peace and an end to oppression. This award will motivate us to strive harder.”

Salaamedia’s radio broadcast can be heard on the free to air satellite platform, online and podcasted on Soundcloud.

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