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Ebrahim Gangat honoured with Lifetime Achiever Award.

by zeenat

HumairaaMayet | 30 October 2019

On Friday 25 October at the NMJ Hall in Durban, the Minara Chamber of Commerce jointly honoured the late Ebrahim Gangat and the late Dr Shoukat Ali Thokan with the Lifetime Achiever Award.

Ebrahim Gangat’s diligent and remarkable efforts were acknowledged at the annual business recognition awards – along with being one of Salaamedia’s presenters and brand ambassadors, Gangat dedicated himself tirelessly to the betterment and upliftment of both others and the community.

After matriculating at the tender age of 16, he started working for the Coca-Cola bottling company and played a significant role in assisting workers who came from impoverished and troubled backgrounds. Gangat joined worker’s unions where he tackled labour-related problems, and then management where his “understanding nature” allowed him to help his colleagues greatly.

Not only was Gangat a mentor and guide to the Vaal Muslim Women’s Forum, he contributed greatly to the community of Roshnee, offering marriage counselling and assisting with issues faced by the youth. He worked with the Islamic Propagation Centre in Vereeniging and as a principal at a local madrassah.

“Radio was not his job, but his passion.” Gangat worked at Radio Islam International in 1996, and then moved to Channel Islam International, where he worked for 16 years. He then joined Salaamedia where he hosted the popular morning show ‘News and Views’. He ran pledge lines and raised funds for a variety of projects.

He helped orphans and reverts from as far away as Lesotho gain access to education, funding their studies and ensuring that all their needs were met. Gangat was incredibly passionate about public speaking and often hosted many events, pro-bono, and even taught public speaking.

He was “a beautiful person” who always had a smile and a deep concern for the poor and needy.
May Allah accept his humble efforts.

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