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by zeenat

Two Turkish defence soldiers been killed in northwest Syria in attack by Syrian government forces.

Inayet Wadee talks to Matshidiso Motsoeneng an AMEC researcher.

The Healthcare stakeholders forum march to the council of medical schemes.

Inayet Wadee talks to Buti Sigasa, he is the Healthcare stakeholders forum spokesperson.

The new BDS coalition to be launched in South Africa.

Inayet Wadee talks to social activist Itani Rasalanavho.

Ahmed Seedat on the dynamics of succession in family-owned businesses.

Inayet Wadee talks to Ahmed Seedat – Vector consulting

‘Mayhem’ in Syria’s Idlib amid ongoing violence, as Guterres urges immediate ceasefire.

Inayet Wadee talks to Maseeha Saloojee who is a social activist as well as Racquell Hayden Best who also is a social activist.

Violence in India’s capital left more than 40 dead & hundreds injured.

Inayet Wadee talks to Zahid Qadri – Founding Member of Help Hyderabad NGO worked in various disaster-affected areas of India and with the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, Social Activist and a Policy
advisor for various NGO organisations in India.

Third month in a row, petrol price decrease in South Africa.

Inayet Wadee talks to Layton Beard – Automobile Ascociation (AA).

An agreement signed in Qatar’s capital, Doha, could result in US troops leaving Afghanistan.

Inayet Wadee talks to Rahimullah Yusufzhai, Pakistan’s most respected editor and fearless war correspondent.

Frimax’s involvement, support & partnership for the #Ride4Education campaign – Junaid Bhayat.

Inayet Wadee talks to Junaid Bhayat from Frimax.

The Islamic Dawah Movement of Southern Africa – Dr Ebrahim Dada.

Inayet Wadee talks to Dr. Ebrahim Dada the national Director of IDM.

Turkish military respond to attack on its soldiers – Ambassador Elif Ulgen explains.

Inayet Wadee talks to Elif Comoglu Ulgen the Turkey ambassador in South Africa talks the escalation in Syria. The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warns risk of escalation ‘grows by the hour’ and has called for an immediate ceasefire.

Saudi Arabia’s decision to temporarily suspend Umrah visas due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Inayet Wadee talks to Ismail Olla – secretary general of SAMTA.

Safety tips for parents and children in light of kidnappings of school children.

Inayet Wadee talks to Mike Bolhuis – Specialist Investigators Into Serious Violent And Serious Economic Crimes.

Lenasia land issues, who is the rightful owners of the land?

Inayet Wadee talks to community activist Thabo.

An update on the 2nd Accreditation list of Hujjaaj for 1441 AH/2020.

Inayet Wadee talks to Moaaz Casoo – secretary General of South African Hajj and Umrah Council. (SAHUC)

The deal of the century, a peace plan proposed by Donald Trump.

Inayet Wadee talks to Prof. Jeff Halper the Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.

#CrimeTalk with eThekwini Secure – Uniting against human rights infringement.

Inayet Wadee talks to Imtiaaz Sayed from eThekwini Secure.

Islamic Relief South Africa innovative funding, Abdul Aleem Gamza, Samiulla Parker, Ammaar Mookrey.

Inayet Wadee talks to Abdul Aleem Gamza the HOD of fundraising, Samiulla Parker who is a community fundraiser as well as Ammaar Mookrey who is a core volunteer.

Update on the Unisa protest action by NEHAWU – Lungile Nhlenyama and Khaya Xaba.

Inayet Wadee talks to Ms Lungile Nhlenyama the Chairperson of KZN region in UNISA and Khaya Xaba the Spokesperson for National Education, Health and Allied Workers Union( NEHAWU).

The COO of Salaamedia, Ponty Moletsane talks about learners going to back to school.

Azhar Vadi talks to Ponty Moletsane – COO of Salaamedia.

Eddie Kekana from the teachers union SADTU raises concerns over unplaced pupils in gauteng.

Azhar Vadi talks to Eddie Kekana – Gauteng SADTU Chairperson.

Ganief Hendricks responds to the party’s statement on the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani.

Azhar Vadi talks to Ganief Hendricks, the leader of Aljama-ah party responds to concerns expressed with regards to the party’s statement on the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani.

Massmart could close 34 retail stores, affecting 1440 jobs.

Azhar Vadi talks to Professor Sethulego Matebesi – academic from the University of Free State. He wrote a book about SA being a protest nation. He is a political analyst.

Families receive life-saving food supplies in drought-hit Zimbabwe.

Families receive life-saving food supplies in drought-hit Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe current update with Njabulo Ncube.

Ukrainian plane crash in Iran, killing 176 people, including 11 Ukrainians.

Azhar Vadi talks to Sviatoslav Yurash – a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with the Servant of the People party.

Are you prepared for load-shedding in your area?

Azhar Vadi speaks to the Technical Administrator of Salaamedia, Ebrahim Essay, about cheaper alternatives to having lights during this coming load shedding crisis.

R14billion will be spent on land on the Foreshore to create opportunities for people of Cape Town.

Azhar Vadi talks to Imraahn Ismail-Mukadam community activist.

Dr Rinesh Chetty started a petition against NPA’s failure to investigate acts of medical negligence.

Azhar Vadi talks to Dr Rinesh Chetty – Durban-based orthopedic surgeon.

ANC celebrated 108 years in Kimberlely this past weekend – Xolani Dube.

Azhar Vadi talks to Xolani Dube from Xubera Institute for Research and Development.

Cosatu on Eskom and the anti-Pravin Gordhan sentiments.

Azhar Vadi talks to Sizwe Pamla who is the national spokesperson for Cosatu.

Israel has been implementing a plan to isolate and suffocate Al-Aqsa Mosque and change its status.

Inayet Wadee talks to Jerulesem based archeologist and journalist, Abeer Zayyad.

SAHUC announces the release of its 1st Accreditation list of Hujjaaj for 1441 AH / 2020.

Inayet Wadee talks to Shaheen Essop the South African Hajj & Umrah Council (SAHUC) president.

The #DurbanReport.

Inayet Wadee talks to ETV reporter Nabeela Shaikh.

Would the National Health Insurance(NHI)force doctors to leave South Africa?

Would the National Health Insurance(NHI) force doctors to leave South Africa? Inayet Wadee is in conversation with Dr. Angelique Cotzee, chairperson of the South African Medical Association as well as Dr. Lwazi Manzi, the Media Liaison Officer for the Minister of Health.

India in crisis as fascism festers. Inayet Wadee speaks to Dr. Vashna Jagarnath.

India in crisis as fascism festers. Inayet Wadee spoke to Dr. Vashna Jagarnath, director of both Pan Africa Today and Friends of the Workers. She is also Deputy General Secretary of the Socialists Revolutionary Workers’ Party and Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Social Change at the University of Johannesburg.

The load shedding saga and an update on Eskom with Chumile Goqwana.

Inayet Wadee talks to Chumile Goqwana – SAEF Spokesperson

Yunus Emre Institute & Turkish Cultural Centre-South Africa

Inayet Wadee talks to Muhammad Ali – Works at Yunus Emre Institute as an exhibitor assistant and doing the pre-intermediate Turkish language level concurrently.

US-Iran relations and the aftermath of the assassination of Qassem Solaimani.

US-Iran relations and the aftermath of the assassination of Qassem Solaimani. Inayet Wadee talks to US based political analyst Mark Dankof.

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