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Partitioning of Al-Aqsa will not be taken lightly

by Luqmaan Rawat

Jerusalem – Israel has begun partitioning the Eastern areas of Al-Aqsa Mosque. There is now a fear that if Israel is not stopped, they will take over Al-Aqsa completely.

The partitioning of the mosque is not something new. The temporal partitioning was completed in 2008. Zaakir Ahmed Mayet, Geopolitical analyst, has likened the partitioning of Al-Aqsa Mosque to that of the Ibrahimi Mosque in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

“This is the methodology of attrition of Israel. Shortly after the attack they brought about the partitioning of the Ibrahimi Mosque and this illegal settlement of Kriyat Arba was the source.”

Israel has used the excuse of tourism and access to continue to partition Al-Aqsa. They claim this is to provide access to both Jews and Muslims, but Mayet believes otherwise.

“We continue to see on a daily basis incursion into Al-Aqsa under the banner of tourism and access. Under this concept, everyone needs access. However, Palestinians are not allowed to go to the Wailing Wall.” Israel is testing the waters with the partitioning of Al-Aqsa.

For far too long Israel has been able to operate with impunity. It is for this reason that Israel feels comfortable and safe to continue to partition Al-Aqsa Mosque, said Mayet.

“Israel is now trying to establish its deterrence capacity and its ability to function with impunity. That is what we are dealing with. The reality of the situation is that Israel will find it extremely hard to partition Masjidul Aqsa when there is such a threat of a massive regional war on its step.”

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The people are uniting under one banner

While Israel may have been able to act with impunity in the past, that cannot be said now. There are many forces that are mobilising in Palestine that are intent on keeping Al-Aqsa safe and defeating the Israeli military. This is the first time that such a movement is being witnessed, said Mayet.

“According to INSS (Institute for National Security Studies) and Israeli think tanks that they are now facing a massive challenge, the unity within the Palestinian movement. This is the first time I would say that we’ve ever seen a dramatic development like this. We have a form of unity that is developed between Palestinian Islamic Jihad. You have a unity with Hamas, the democratically elected representatives of the Palestinian people. You even have the largely Christian movement of George Habash, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and many other factions now working under a single banner to defeat the Israeli military machine.”

Countries in the region are coming together under one banner against Israel

What has also changed the make Israel carefully decide what they want to do next is the inclusion of regional players. Countries in the region have started to band under a single banner, a single thought and this is also unprecedented, said Mayet.

“The inclusion of regional players such as Hezbollah in Lebanon. You have the inclusion of the popular mobile unit of Iraq that was fighting ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). They have also put forces on alert and ready to assist. You have Ansar Allah [Houthi Movement] in Yemen that have already sent drones to Israel indicating their willingness to participate immediately if Al-Quds is challenged in a way that will change its nature or limit the status and identity of Masjidul Aqsa and Jerusalem.”

This massive coalition could spell doom for Israel if they decide to carry on with their plans of changing Al-Aqsa.

“I believe that any misstep by Israel will not only spell a regional war, but it will also spell the destruction of Israel and that’s coming from Israeli sources themselves.”

The Palestinian resistance was always on their until now. There is a sudden resurgence from the countries in the region to protect Al-Aqsa and its people. The Israeli government, which acted with impunity in the past, seems to have lost that with the partitioning of Al-Aqsa. Countries are starting to take a stand and this incursion on Al-Aqsa will not be taken lightly by the Muslim Ummah (community).

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