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Indian government sends message to Afreen Fatima with a bulldozer

by Luqmaan Rawat

Fatima is a student activist and national secretary of the Fraternity Movement Photo TheCognate

India – The house of Afreen Fatima, a Muslim activist, was demolished by Indian authorities after they declared that it was illegally built. However, Fatima said the demolish is an act of vendetta for the protest over the comments made against the Prophet (May Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him).

The demolition of her home comes after authorities labelled and accused her father, Mohammed Javed, a Muslim politician, of being the mastermind of the violent protests. The protests, which happened in Prayagraj after the Friday prayer, turned violent at some places. Rabia Shireen, Journalist at The Cognate, believes these accusations are unfounded and has proof that disproves the authorities claims.

“The authorities have called him the mastermind, but we have come across a Facebook post in which he has appealed to the people to abide by the laws and don’t protest. Go home after salaah, pray to God and then you can request it in a good way to the administration. I also spoke to Fatima’s brother. He said his father has always been a law-abiding citizen and he has always been close to the administration. He has not provoked this protest. In fact, he was there at his home when the protests were happening.”

Restoring the hope

Afreen Fatima’s house was not built illegally

Although authorities claim that Fatima’s house and many others have been built illegally, Shireen said the family has proof it was not. The house has been standing on that piece of land for the last 20 years. It was a gift that Fatima’s father gave to his wife even before they got married.

“When I spoke to Fatima’s brother he said it’s not true. The home isn’t illegal and moreover the home which they demolished was in his mother’s name. There are also a few documents in which it is written that the house is under the name of Parveen Fatima who is the mother of Afreen Fatima.”

The family will turn to the law to seek compensation

While authorities say the house was illegally built, the family has documents to prove it wasn’t and have filed a case against them in the high court.

“They have filed a claim in the high court saying the demolition was illegal and as this house belonged to Parveen Fatima. They have filed a petition in the high court. I’m not sure [If they will be compensated] they have to provide all the proof and all the documents. Let’s see what the court will do and if justice will be delivered or not.”

The protests will continue to happen until the government gives in to the demands of the people to formally charge those who made the derogatory comments, said Shireen. There are also new protests going on against the demolition of Muslim homes.

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