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A million newly displaced as chaos erupts in Syria’s Idlib

by zeenat

Humairaa Mayet | 4 March 2020 | 10:56am

There aren’t many analysts, commentators and reporters that can better describe in any way the situation in disaster area as compared to those who live through the experience daily.
Right now, as 1 million newly displaced Syrians have fled to the border with Turkey, the situation has been illustrated as total mayhem by people on the ground.
The intense battles between rebel forces supported by Turkey and the Syrian regime supported by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah have left many innocent civilians in limbo with the United Nations calling for a ceasefire following the continued loss of lives.

A South African citizen, Maseeha Saloojee and her acquaintance Racquell Hayden-Best have been living in Syria’s Idlib province for several years now. They spoke to Salaamedia’s Inayet Wadee and elaborated on the situation unfolding in the region.

An influx of refugees have arrived along the border fearing the insecurity and instability brought about by the warring parties, said Saloojee, and this has resulted in refugees desperately making homes out schools and masjids in the area.

Women, children, the disabled, and the elderly are continuously coming in droves with nowhere to go. Their displacement was sudden and unexpected, explained Saloojee, therefore there is a shortage of aid and available resources are fast depleting.

Not only are the refugees in need of physical assistance, stated Hayden-Best, but many are in need of mental assistance as well. The bombings have left people literally shell-shocked, and they face dilemmas such as PTSD following the traumas they have experienced. Once, while sitting with refugees, a door was slammed and she explained that many were terribly frightened and assumed it was yet another bomb being dropped.
With Ramadan approaching, more help than ever is needed. Various organisations will be providing the displaced people with suhoor and iftaar during the month, said Hayden-Best. Saloojee said that refugees are comforted by the fact that people are praying for them as they go through this ordeal.

Salaam Foundation has also been raising funds to assist the refugee crisis. By the end of this Ramadan the intention is to send several more shipping containers of items such as sanitary pads, nappies, clothes, wheelchairs, walkers, blankets etc.

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