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Tribute to Muslim broadcasters in South Africa: Ashraf Garda

by Salaamedia

By Humairaa Mayet

The best Muslim you can be is one who can contribute to the upliftment of society in the country you reside in. – Ashraf Garda

Last week Wednesday on the #TributeToMuslimBroadcastersSA segment, we featured Ashraf Garda, a veteran broadcaster.

Famous for hosting the Afternoon Talk show on SAFM, Garda recalled his years at the national broadcaster as a “great privilege” which signified a high level of achievement and gave him the ability to connect with people across the country as opposed to small communities.

Garda is the chief driver of Champion South Africa, a nation-building movement with the vision to move South Africa from a mid-table nation to a champion nation. Champion South Africa began as a conversation between Garda and his son and moved to new heights. Champion South Africa awards inspire champion-like thinking across the country, emphasising the importance of individuals as well as the individual collective.

According to Garda, Muslim media delivers relevant content and picks up issues of national interest, and must continue to grow from strength to strength.

In order for media houses to grow, synergy must be created across all platforms. Social media is oversaturated with breaking news, and media houses should focus on analyses and should attempt to bring in various perspectives.

The Muslim community must acknowledge that it exists within a broader space, and should shift its focus to one of national interest and ensure that it is a mercy unto its country.

The #TributeToMuslimBroadcastersSA segment on Salaamedia is an exclusive Ramadan broadcast on our platform, inspired by the life and times of the late Ebrahim Gangat who was well known for his broadcasting talent.

Watch the full interview here:

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