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Court Order Allows Use Of Ivermectin For Covid-19

by Humairaa Mayet

With South Africa’s vaccine rollout lagging, Ivermectin has been touted in the fight against Covid-19.


With no end to the global coronavirus pandemic in sight, it is imperative that sustainable solutions are found as soon as possible. The vaccine rollout in South Africa is taking place at an abysmally slow rate, and alternatives must be found as the country hurtles toward a third wave.

Courts have just recently approved the use of Ivermectin, a massive step against pharmaceutical conglomerates.

In an interview with Salaamedia on News & Views, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed of South Africans Have A Right to Ivermectin (SAHARI) explained why, now more than ever, “we need people-centred healthcare” and a mass-scale rollout of Ivermectin.

The coronavirus is only getting worse and worse, and with the multitude of economic and logistical hindrances South Africa faces, Ivermectin is the only hope left. The medication is relatively cheap, far more accessible than the coronavirus vaccine, and easy to distribute and administer.

Pharmaceutical companies will undoubtedly push back against this decision as the rollout of Ivermectin will significantly disrupt their profits. Conglomerates benefit greatly from the profits made by the distribution of vaccines, and Ivermectin will stop this in its tracks.

Only time will tell whether the government will choose to side with the people and freely distribute Ivermectin, or whether they will side with Big Pharma, stop the rollout of Ivermectin, and continue to vaccinate the population.


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