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Navigating through tough times as a Muslim

by Zahid Jadwat

Navigating through tough times can be quite challenging. However, as Muslims, it is always helpful to find guidance in and derive comfort from the Qur’an. That is according to Moulana Naseer Miraazi, from the Da’wah Department at Jamiatul Ulama (KZN).

Miraazi was speaking in light of the ongoing cost of living crisis, inflation and the seemingly never-ending blows affecting people locally and abroad. “If we look at the verses of the Qur’an, we should find solace,” he said.


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Allah (SWT) will provide

While navigating through tough times, it can become easy to lose the plot. People tend to become despondent when they struggle to make ends meet. However, as Ml. Miraazi explained, one should fear not as Allah (SWT) has allocated sustenance for each of His creation.

“Allah has taken the sole responsibility of providing every single creature that walks upon the surface of the Earth. There is no such thing that our rizq will not reach us,” he said.

Miraazi emphasised the importance of adopting patience while navigating through tough times. He said it is also important not to wait for rizq but to adapt to the situation and seek out opportunities.

“Nabi (S.A.W) has actually taught us that no soul shall pass away until it has used up its rizq. To sum it up, until your rizq is not finished, you will not pass away. It’s a matter of us having to adopt the right means of getting that rizq,” he said.

Ml. Miraazi further explained that an abundance of wealth is not a sign of Allah’s (SWT) love, rather it is a test for the individual.

“Having a lot of money is not a sign that Allah loves us, but rather it is a test from Allah. It is to see how we will use that money that He has given us.”

He concluded that although man may take measures to regulate the prices of goods, it is ultimately Allah (SWT) who is in charge of the situation. Therefore, he advised Muslims to engage in activities that attract the favour of Allah (SWT).

“Allah will regulate the price. What we have to do is adopt all those means that will bring the prices down and [engage in activities that] will make Allah look at us favourably.”

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